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The release planning four letter word…. Thumbnail

The release planning four letter word….

WHEN? One of the most difficult answers to provide to someone at the outset of a project is when a project will be completed.  First, the very definition of the term "completed" leaves a lot to be desired.  Our basic Agile principles tell us that the project scope and delivery is directly tied to the direction and vision the customer or Product Owner has.  If a Product Owner would rather spend

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It’s all about the people… Thumbnail

It’s all about the people…

When focusing on process improvement techniques, ALM tools, technical innovations and research, sometimes we lose sight of what really is the basis for a high functioning team. THE PEOPLE! Finding ways to engage your team members on a personal level is absolutely a building block of high functioning team DNA.  I have taken steps in the past to bring teams together.  This isn't only based

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What is the true value of Scrum? Thumbnail

What is the true value of Scrum?

Regarding the degree to which a project may succeed or fail, I often question what role the choice of implementing Scrum has on the final outcome.  Made even more disturbing is a trend to accept the accolades for Scrum that shows massive gains in productivity, while also claiming that failed projects implementing Scrum are not following the core concepts and principles properly.  In reality, I b

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