To fail is to succeed… Thumbnail

To fail is to succeed…

Through a focus on learning lessons based on fast, cheap and simple experimentation, you can make rapid advancement and course correction at a micro level.  The ability for a team or company to create a steady stream of information, interpret the meaning and act on that information directly correlates to a sense of “how agile” they are.  The smaller the experiment, the smaller the risk, the

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How do you stack up? Thumbnail

How do you stack up?

The Nokia Scrum self-assessment has been out there for a while now.  Some teams know about this good tool for measuring your adherence to core Scrum principles and leverage some of the concepts it presents to build more effective teams.  This is simply a tool, not a bible for how one *must* do Scrum, so please keep that in mind.  I specifically like the ratings for lack of Product Owner involv

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Agile Testing in the Cloud? Thumbnail

Agile Testing in the Cloud?

I recently ran across the website and reviewed their services and I find the concept fairly compelling.  Being that I am an active Agile Coach and Scrum Master of multiple teams, I often spend time with QA professionals, especially within the SQA and SDET folks looking for more computing horsepower to be able to load and execute a testing harness for functional testing during t

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