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The release planning four letter word…. Thumbnail

The release planning four letter word….

WHEN? One of the most difficult answers to provide to someone at the outset of a project is when a project will be completed.  First, the very definition of the term "completed" leaves a lot to be desired.  Our basic Agile principles tell us that the project scope and delivery is directly tied to the direction and vision the customer or Product Owner has.  If a Product Owner would rather spend

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Agile Testing in the Cloud? Thumbnail

Agile Testing in the Cloud?

I recently ran across the website and reviewed their services and I find the concept fairly compelling.  Being that I am an active Agile Coach and Scrum Master of multiple teams, I often spend time with QA professionals, especially within the SQA and SDET folks looking for more computing horsepower to be able to load and execute a testing harness for functional testing during t

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