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The release planning four letter word…. Thumbnail

The release planning four letter word….

WHEN? One of the most difficult answers to provide to someone at the outset of a project is when a project will be completed.  First, the very definition of the term "completed" leaves a lot to be desired.  Our basic Agile principles tell us that the project scope and delivery is directly tied to the direction and vision the customer or Product Owner has.  If a Product Owner would rather spend

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Backlog Analyzer Screenshots Thumbnail

Backlog Analyzer Screenshots

The following screenshots show the current functionality of the Agile Backlog Estimator tool. Included is a view of the statistics tab, which dynamically builds probability density and cumulative graphs based on the results of the Monte Carlo simulation. If you want to try out the tool, simply download the sample file, select it from your computer and click upload.

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How do you stack up? Thumbnail

How do you stack up?

The Nokia Scrum self-assessment has been out there for a while now.  Some teams know about this good tool for measuring your adherence to core Scrum principles and leverage some of the concepts it presents to build more effective teams.  This is simply a tool, not a bible for how one *must* do Scrum, so please keep that in mind.  I specifically like the ratings for lack of Product Owner involv

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